Team Silver medal for Britain in World Championships

The British Team gave a solid performance in the 9 tasks that were flown in the world championships at Chamoux-sur-Gelon, France, to take the silver medal position. The French on home territory fielded a strong team to take gold in both the team and individual placings.

Congratulations to Jocky Sanderson and the Team!


  • 1.Maxime Pinot (FR)
    2 Honorin Hamard (FR)
    3 Pierre Remy (FR)
    5 Juan-Sebastian Ospina-Restrepo (GBR)
    12 Stan Radzikowski (GBR)
    13 Russel Ogden (GBR)
    82 Tom Cole (GBR)


  • 1. France 16100 points
    2. UK 15517 points
    3. North Macedonia 14879 points

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