British Team Selection

Ever wondered how the British Paragliding Team was selected? The Competitions Panel over the years has had to choose the best pilots to represent the UK on the world stage these so-called FAI Category 1 (Cat 1) competitions are for the major honors in the sport and currently, Team GB holds the individual and team gold medals.

The process for selection of the team used to be through an arcane process of selectors. This has changed to a much simpler fairer and more transparent system and is based on FAI WPRS points. The highest scorer on the WPRS ranking will automatically be selected and the remaining places are allocated on the highest individual WPRS scores with a cut-off three months before the start date of the competition using the FAI Sporting Code. (The points automatically devalue over three years)

John Stevenson and the XC League have a live system that shows pilots where they are in the selection process. It’s open for all to see and check how close they are to getting on the British Team.

Check the selection tool: