What does the Competitions Panel do?

The British Paragliding Competitions Panel is appointed by British Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) and its purpose is to:

  • Organize the British Paragliding Championships.
  • Select the British Paragliding Team for international (FAI CAT1) competitions.
  • Liaise with other governing/sporting bodies, e.g. CIVL, PWCA, etc.
  • Liaise and coordinate with the organizers of the UK-based British Paragliding competitions. BP Cup, Club Challenge, and the XC League.
  • Meet twice a year to resolve competition issues and set up future competitions

Who are the Panel Members?

We are all unpaid volunteers who have been involved with the sport for many years and have offered to help organize our competitions

Charles Norwood


With 33 years of experience flying, competing, and cross-country flying. He has also been involved in the adventure travel industry for 25 years

Jocky Sanderson

Team Leader

Team manager with a background of SIV and wing testing. Meet Directing teaching, training presenting and filmmaking are among his many skills.

Matt Tandy


Senior RAF pilot he brings his many skills to the Panel and runs the British Clubs Challenge Team.

Brett Janaway


CIVL representative for the UK and member of the BHPA Exec Brett is also secretary of the Panel and operates Airtribune and the Sports Racing Series

Malin Lobb


Founder of the British Paragliding Racing Academy and professional SIV instructor he is responsible for the training and development of our racing pilots

Gareth Aston


Many years of operating the British Paragliding Cup and also the X-Eri Hike and Fly event in Snowdonia.

Steve Senior


Meet Directing, planning, and contracting of all our overseas competitions. Steve was also on the British Team for many years.

Mike Coupe


Health professional and experienced UK competition and cross-country pilot he looks at all aspects of safety in UK and overseas competitions.

Richard Bungay

Competitiuon RULES

Long-time competition pilot who checks the rules for our competitions to ensure fairness and sporting and follow international guide lines.

Sue Britnell


As a chartered accountant by day, we are very lucky to have Sue running the Panel accounts! She also competes in accuracy competitions.

Phil Clark


A paramedic by day he has a busy life but reports on our competitions for Skywings and writes articles to help improve pilots’ knowledge

John Stevenson

UK XC League

He runs the UK Cross Country League with a team of volunteers to ensure that all flights are legal and comply with FAI rules.

The Constitution

The Panel operates with a constitution which is available here

How to get involved with the Panel?

If you are keen to be involved with any aspect of the UK competitions please do get in touch as we need help especially with the web and media side and also at the competition venues we need admin, assistants and drivers, and wind technicians.

Contact Us

The Competitions Panel c/o BHPA The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Ltd

Address: 8 Merus Court, Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1RJ, United Kingdom

Chairman tel: +44 77303 06223

Email: chairman@pgcomps.org.uk