23rd to 30th August 2014

Registration: Saturday 23rd August
1st task day: Sunday 24th August
Last task day: Saturday 30th August

Full information for this venue can be found at ager-pgopen.com/

Ager is set in the ‘foothills’ (mountains by British standards) of the Pyrenees. Location on google maps here. This Catalonian corner of the pre-Pyrenees boasts some of the best XC flying on the planet. As northern Europe starts to succumb to stable air, late August and September, is the perfect time of year to visit this beautiful corner of Europe.

The main Ager flying arena was carefully constructed millions of year ago ostensibly with paragliders in mind. Orientated east-west, the main valley provides us with many safe landing options. The main Montsec mountain range is South-facing with easily accessible launch sites, providing perfect flying opportunities for all pilot levels throughout the day. Although a Mountain flying venue, the large valleys also work very well and offer a flat-land flying element to this destination.

The main mountain chain is some 40km long and separated into upper and lower tiers. The mains launch sites, “Coll d’Ares” and “la Pedra” are located on the upper tier and are separated from the landing zone by 900m (3,000ft+) of height difference. This unusual topography means that if you miss lift on the first level you get a second chance to hook a thermal on the second tier.

Conditions during late August early September are hugely reliable. Cloud-base is often at 3000m or more and pilots can fly in almost any direction. Statistically the Ager valley suffers less than 1 day of precipitation during the months of both August and September!

In 2006, the British Open Competition was held here in Ager, with 6 days out of 7 being flyable and tasks of up to 90km. More recently in 2011 Ager hosted the Paragliding World Cup, with again a very successful competition.

The main Ager landing area is huge and is right next to the bar, the pool and HQ.

The HQ for the event will be at the Càmping de la Vall d’Àger. The bungalows for rent can be booked via Brett Janaway at info@xtc-paragliding.com

Other accommodation options include several pensions in Ager and around. Hotel Port d’Ager is the highest quality, and is located about 3km from Ager www.hotelportdager.com

The Ager town hall website is at www.ccnoguera.cat/ager

Regional Tourist Board website for the province of Lleida is at www.lleidatur.com

More information and photos to follow…